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T Level industry placements-£1000 Incentive

We are delighted to announce that employers will be able to claim £1000 for every T Level student they host on a high-quality industry placement, as part of a new incentive scheme

10 June 2021


The T Level employer incentive fund,, launched today, recognises the impact of the pandemic on many businesses, and has been designed to help cover financial constraints employers may face as a barrier to hosting placements in the short term.
Employers will be able to claim £1000 for up to 20 students they host on a 45 day (315 hour) industry placement, from now until July 2022. The incentive offers businesses an excellent opportunity to tap into the emerging talent pipeline, whilst supporting the skilled workforce of the future. 
Those interested in accessing the incentive payments and offering T Level industry placements should contact: 08000 150 600 (choose option 4) or fill out an industry placement contact form online: Next steps | T Levels
As a key intermediary you know how T Levels uniquely combine classroom study with industry placements, generating the skilled workforce that businesses need for the future. With your support we want to share news of the new incentive payment with your networks. 
Please do share today’s news, linking to the news story on GOV.UK and liking and sharing our post on T Levels LinkedIn.
Please do consider creating social media content of your own, using the attached graphic, with the wording below:
Employers in England will receive a £1,000 incentive payment for hosting a 45 day #TLevel industry placement from now, until July 2022. Find out more by visiting:
Tap into the emerging talent pipeline, whilst supporting the skilled workforce of the future, by offering a #TLevel industry placement – a £1000 incentive payment is available now, until July 2022:
We are also pleased to share our new Employer Guide to help businesses understand how to host an industry placement. This includes details on what is expected of employers during the placement. Please do share this with your networks too.
Also announced, a procurement exercise, of up to £350,000, for an Employer Support Package, will taking place in the summer, for an organisation to offer employers T Levels support. Such support will include delivering webinars, and support sessions across England.








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