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Google is promoting three UK apprenticeship programmes:

9 March 2021


Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship
Apprentices will join a Sales or Marketing team at Google, and help define, design, and implement campaigns across a variety of platforms, gaining exposure to different Google products, and leveraging the power of Google data to help companies to solve their business challenges. 
Infrastructure Technology Level 3 Apprenticeship
IT apprentices at Google gain exposure to roles such as IT Support and AV Engineering. You’ll have the chance to pick up new skills, from troubleshooting across multiple platforms, data gathering and analysis, remote infrastructure, IT security and more, while learning how to apply your knowledge to solve real life problems.
Software Development Level 4 Apprenticeship
This programme aims to provide the skills you need to become a software development professional. You’ll work alongside teams of Googlers, solving real problems and gaining exposure to different roles across the company, including coding, development, testing and project management.

Apply before 1st April via the website below, and feel free to visit the Student Blog featuring a former Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Google Apprenticeship Website

Google student Blog


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