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Degree Apprenticeships - 14th December at 7pm

Many high profile companies (e.g. Bank of England, PWC, SKY, BBC, LandRover Jaguar, etc.) are now recruiting Degree Apprenticeships, which is a great option for young people.

8 December 2020


Dale Willis, founder of 'My Great First Job' is giving a number of talks to help young people and their parents work their way through the post-education maze. This session will cover:

•    How Degree Apprenticeships work....and there's more than one type!
•    Where you can find the opportunities
•    When you should be applying
•    What can an application process look like?
•    Your Money! How does the student loan/maintenance/salary all work?
For more information, please visit the link below.  

Degree Apprenticeships Registration Link

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