Army – Be the Best

Do something different.

Are you craving a new adventure? Do you want to travel the world, and take your fitness to the next level? Joining the Army is different from most jobs. You don’t just have colleagues – you make best mates. And you don’t just get brilliant training and support, you get somewhere to call home.

Everybody who joins the Army is first and foremost a soldier. But we need lots of different skills and, like all teams, we work by placing people in positions where they can make the best use of those skills. Ever thought about being a cyber engineer, port operator or recovery mechanic? 

From combat roles to communications, there’s a place for everyone in the Army. We need people in:

•    Combat
•    Engineering
•    HR, Finance & Support
•    Intelligence, Communications & IT
•    Medical
•    Logistics & Support
•    Music